HCMF// Commission (2020)

"Ryebank Fields is a precious spot of city nature for many in Suviste’s local community. Now threatened with the possibility of being developed over, Edgeland not only gives voice to the space, but also the local visitors and activists who interact with it. As with many of Suviste’s pieces, it marries the urban to the rural, emphasising our unavoidable impact on green spaces.” - HCMF

A Meeting Place | 会议地点


Residency at the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (2020)

A Meeting Place | 会议地点 is a sound art project based on oral histories from the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art's archive, in which interviewees talk of their migrant experience, their identities as people of Chinese heritage living in the UK, memories of Manchester’s Chinatown and Chinese festivals, and CFCCA's first venue on Charlotte Street. This work sonically animates the content of the archive, bringing to life the hidden histories and images within and inviting new audiences and communities to engage with these stories.


8-Channel Composition, created at NOVARS Research Centre (2020)

Lōka explores the experiences and music of the Bengali workers who migrated from rural Bangladesh and India to work in the factories and mills of the UK in the 1950s. This journey is told sonically through the transformation of a variety of folk songs and instruments, field recordings, archival material, historical narratives and oral histories into an immersive 8-channel composition.

Won the 'Coup de Coeur' from the Centre-Wallonie-Bruxelles de Paris & Jury's Mention (Pierre Schaeffer Discoveries Prize) - Phonurgia Nova Awards (2020)

Gathering Dust

Seed Studios Commission for Found Around Project (2020)

With the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions shutting Seed Studios, their community were left without the regular, face to face interaction they’ve enjoyed for years at our music and wellbeing workshops. To unite the Seed Studios community in this time of being apart, they invited them to send audio recordings which they thought were reflective of their time in lockdown. They then passed these sounds to three composers close to the Seed Community: Hayley Suviste, Hynta and Luke Dobbin.

Unfrozen Neva

Stereo Composition, for Cities & Memory's Future Cities project (2020)

The Neva River in St. Petersburg would usually be frozen by the time it gets to winter, however this year the river remained unfrozen. This work traces the sound of the Neva River from its frozen form to its fluid.

I Don't/Miss

Online Installation, commissioned by Whatstick Theatre (2020)

This work was part of Whatstick Theatre's 'Project Isolate' during the Covid-19 pandemic. For this work, they invited the public to send in audio responses to the question 'what do you miss?'. Myself and visual artist Freya Wysocki had one day to put our audio-visual response together, using the submitted audio responses as a basis. 

Making Manchester

Multi-Media Performance, sound-works commissioned by Olympias Music Foundation (2019)

I was commissioned by Olympics Music Foundation to create a selection of sound works for Making Manchester, a multi-media performance  exploring real-life stories of migration to the UK. Using live music, poetry and physical theatre, the work explores how these unique family histories, and communities' shared experiences of migration, are woven into the socio-cultural fabric of the city and its people. I recorded 60 pupils who told their families migration stories. From these recordings I made 4 short pieces relating to the different sections of the performance - home, travelling, arriving & Manchester. Performed at NIAMOS Radical Arts Centre & RNCM

Way Down to Pomona

Interactive GPS Soundwalk, available on the ECHOES platform (2019)

An immersive re-imagining of Pomona Island’s history through field recordings, composed electroacoustic music, oral histories and archival material (with thanks to Greater Manchester County Record Office) that are unveiled as the site is explored by the listener based on their GPS data. Can be accessed through the Echoes app on your smartphone.

In Those Days/Community

Stereo Composition, created at NOVARS Research Centre (2019)

This work is a homage to Britain’s urban landscapes, human resilience, poverty and childhood inspired by the pioneering female street photographer Shirley Baker. The photograph’s I have chosen to take inspiration from are Baker’s depictions of the urban clearance programmes of Hulme, Manchester, between 1961 – 1981. Despite being based on local memories, this piece testifies to the poverty and resilience of all communities that have been under siege due to changing cityscapes.


Sonification, created at NOVARS Research Centre (2019)

On the morning of 17th August 2017, a ripple in space passed through our planet, detected by the LIGO and Virgo gravitational wave detectors. This cosmic disturbance came from a pair of neutron stars colliding at one third the speed of light in the galaxy NGC4993, 130 million light years from Earth. The two neutron stars have been orbiting each other for most of the history of the universe, getting closer and closer until they merged into a doughnut-shaped unstable neutron star before finally collapsing as a black hole.


Stereo Composition, created at NOVARS Research Centre (2018)

Kinesis is an exploration of the sonic characteristics of spinning objects, both embracing and subverting the processes in which the objects naturally follow. All of the sounds in this piece are derived from the stimulus of an object and the subsequent movement that this produces (the spinning of a coin, a bicycle wheel, motors and the ringing of Tibetan singing bowls), exploring the tensions between the gestural characteristic of the stimulus and the timbral quality of the movement that follows.

Honorary Mention - Matera Intermedia Festival (2018)


Stereo Composition, created at NOVARS Research Centre (2017)

Degung is a set of three acousmatic miniatures that collectively explore the musical and spiritual characteristics of the gamelan. In Indonesian traditional thinking the gamelan is sacred and is believed to have supernatural power. Degung follows the gamelan on its journey from its natural form and sound to the completely transformed and supernatural.