Begin The World Over Again - Podcast Feature

Myself and Ryan Woods (The Manchester Ear) featured in a podcast episode 'Is There Grass Growing Between the Cobbles?'

"During 2020, the people of the UK and the world have spent an increased amount of time confined indoors. The countrywide lockdowns have given us a chance to reflect on environmental issues and appreciate the importance of green spaces. But will this perspective be permanent, and what changes do we need to make to protect our environment and people's right to access it?

This episode is created by artist Danielle Porter and Hilary Friend who examine the theme of Open Spaces. They have roamed the archives of the WCML to find the testimonies of campaigners in Salford and Manchester, investigating past legends from Benny Rothman, who led the Kinder Scout Mass Trespass in 1932, to present day activists, all united in their conviction to secure the people's right to roam freely."

Find out more about the podcast episode here.

Listen below:

We feature at 28:29, and discuss our soundwalks and our recent sound art projects.

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