Geo-locative Soundwalks

Chorlton Oral History Sound Walk


A commission from North West Sound Heritage, to create a geo-locative sound walk on Sonic Maps, using interviews from The Manchester Studies unit's extensive oral history project from the 1970s. Older adults (born in the late 19th and early 20th centuries) were interviewed about their time growing up, living, and working in Chorlton between 1900 and 1950. These oral histories have been brought to life with field recording and sound design. Listen in person, or on the Sonic Maps web player. 

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A Meeting Place | 会议地点


A Meeting Place | 会议地点 layers original sound compositions and field recordings with photographs and oral histories from the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Art's (CFCCA) archive, in which interviewees talk of their migrant experience, their identities as people of Chinese heritage living in the UK, memories of Manchester's Chinatown and Chinese festivals, and CFCCA’s first venue at 36 Charlotte Street. The audio for this work has been mixed in 360-degree binaural audio, providing a fully immersive experience that sonically animates the archival materials.

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Way Down to Pomona

Locative Soundwalk, created at NOVARS Research Centre (2019)

An immersive re-imagining of Pomona Island’s history through field recordings, composed electroacoustic music, oral histories, and archival material (thanks to Greater Manchester County Record Office). The work is unveiled as the listener explores the site based on their GPS data. It can be accessed through the Echoes app on your smartphone. 

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